What are Hotfix Uninstallers?

Every so often I run a suite of tools designed to clean up space on my computer and speed it up. One of the tools is Piriform’s CCleaner, a fantastic freeware tool that does a mighty fine job of cleaning up the registry.

As I was looking through the Advanced section, which is normally all unchecked, I decided to check them all (except Wipe Free Space) to see how much I could save. Apparently I had 800+ MB of Hotfix Uninstallers that I could remove. What the heck are Hotfix uninstallers?

It turns out that every time you update Windows with a hotfix, it stores some data into an uninstaller just in case the hotfix breaks something. These are those hotfix uninstallers and they simply accumulate over the months and years. Chances are you have a few hundred megabytes locked up in these hotfix uninstallers. As long as you haven’t experienced any problems since the last update, you can safely remove them.

Keeping your system tidy is one way of helping it run faster.

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