Shoemoney Affiliate Summit West 2010 Contest

by jim on December 17th, 2009

Jeremy Schoemaker is running an Affiliate Summit Gambler (or not) Contest where the winner gets a Platinum pass to ASW2010, 3 nights lodging, $500 airfare, and fun times with Shoemoney for the duration of the event. The wrinkle to the contest is that in addition to all that, you can get $1,000 to keep or $2,000 to put on a hand of blackjack or a spin of the roulette wheel. It’s a fun little twist to the usual conference giveaway and the real prize is hanging out with top internet marketing folks to really get your mindset shifted.

The Bet

If selected, I’d put up the $2,000 on a spin of the roulette wheel on red. If I win, I’d donate the proceeds to Operation Smile, one of the charities my wife and I support every year. It’s a fantastic organization that provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities in children. If you have this type of facial deformity, it’s becomes very difficult to eat (babies can’t breast feed, so many die), not to speak of the social implications.

These are life saving operations that change the lives of their recipients in very tangible and obvious ways. $4,000 can change the lives of sixteen children who suffer from these facial deformities.

Why You Should Pick Me

The first internet marketing-type of conference I ever went to was Affiliate Summit last year in Vegas. While I learned a lot, the real value in conferences is in what you can learn at the bar. I didn’t know anyone then and, as a result, my ASW experience was less than idea. I went to a few sessions, met some of the affiliate managers I had worked with, but didn’t leave feeling like I got the most I could out of it.

Compare that to two other events I went to last year – Elite Retreat (San Francisco) and ThinkTank (San Diego). They were considerably more expensive, a much longer flight, but I left with invaluable lessons, friendships and relationships with some of the smartest and most innovative people in the industry. The best is that with most of the people working in different verticals, everyone was willing to share the lessons they’d learned along the way.

For example, if you are a reader you probably are familiar with the Bargaineering Bucks reward process. You register, you get 10BB. You comment, you get a BB, etc. Those bucks can be spent in the store on books, software, or ING Direct referrals. That idea came from talking to Andy Liu at Elite Retreat and has resulted in significant improvements in visitor engagement.

I also bring to the table the experience of building a personal finance site from the ground up, from zero visitors to over 600,000 visitors a month. From revenues in the single digits to those in the six figures. The judges are all very strong in the paid search arena, either demand or supply side, but none of them talk much about organic search and community building. Of course, that’s based on what they publicly disclose, which is only a fraction of the work they do.

I think I should be picked because I won’t squander the opportunity and I’ll be sure to share the lessons I learned with you all here.

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  1. Purposeinc Says:

    I hope you make it to Vegas either way.
    Glad you got some love from thinktank.
    thinktank loves you tons!

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