Remember Ron Wayne, Co-Founder of Apple?

Yeah, me neither… it turns out that Ron Wayne was one of the co-founders of Apple, along with Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, and left with a payout of $800. His name is on the legal documents that created Apple and Wayne became friends with Jobs while both worked at Atari Corporation. Had Wayne stayed on, his 10% share would be worth $22 billion today. Wayne role was to be the documents and mediation guy and that role came with a 10% share of the company.

Eleven days after Apple was formed, Wayne removed himself from the company charter. He eventually was given $800 for his stake in Apple, and he let go of that valuable Apple stock, which has exploded in value since.

That… sucks.

The gambling man who co-founded Apple and left for $800 [CNN]

3 thoughts on “Remember Ron Wayne, Co-Founder of Apple?”

  1. It’s nothing of the same magnitude but I bet the guy who co-hosted the first season of American Idol is kicking himself for leaving now that the show exploded. Not a billion dollar mistake but with the popularity of AI, could certainly have been a million dollar one over the course of his career.

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