On January 8, I blocked some filtered categories from appearing in the Adsense blocks. My guess was that it would cost me a few dollars, hopefully not too many, and that it would result in a much better user experience. Fewer people would be clicking on Get Rich Quick scams and the world would be a better place.

To measure the impact, I looked at the seven days preceding the change and compared it to the seven days since. The difference? eCPM fell by 6.8% and the CTR fell by 7%. While that sounds like a lot, it’s half of what was excluded. The eight categories I excluded accounted for 15.6% of recent earnings.

It may be a little early in the game for comparisons, Google Adsense may need more time to adjust to the exclusions, but the drop wasn’t as big as expected.

Have you filtered out some of the categories? Any early results so far?

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4 Responses to “Impact of Removing Spam Adsense Categories (Early Results)”

  1. Fred @ One Project Closer Says:

    Hi Jim, How long was your test? Did you A/B test or could the fluctuation be accounted for in different traffic profile?

  2. jim Says:

    You can’t A/B test this because it’s an account setting, not an ad block setting, so it’s very unscientific because you’re comparing January 1st – 8th traffic vs. January 8th – 15th traffic. Presumably I could compare a few months worth of data once we’re far enough away from January 8th (the day I switched it) to get something more scientific.

    The real take away from this is that the % of earnings reported by Adsense for these blocks will likely not be the actual loss of earnings should you block a category.

  3. Patrick Says:

    I’m going to stand by this being a small scale sample and not read into this too much: My CTR is down about 15%, but income is up 11%. (the last two days have been abnormally high for earnings, without an abnormally high traffic increase). I think I need a larger sample size for more accurate results.

  4. jim Says:

    At least it’s a good start, it’s great to see income go up and CTR go down because it means that more people are sticking around AND you are earning more.

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