When I went to renew some expiring domains on my account, I noticed several had Private Registration, a service I no longer needed for those domains (a relic from a more paranoid time). The problem is you can’t simply “uncheck” Private Registration when you renew your domains on GoDaddy. If you try to do that, it simply ignores your choice. GoDaddy is pretty sly like that!

Instead, you’ll have to go to the Domains By Proxy site, log in, and cancel private registration from that side. If you don’t have your login credentials you can request it but it will add a few more steps, and headache to the process. I think it’s a little ridiculous that you are forced to manage private registration through another interface, especially since the two companies are owned by GoDaddy, but I suppose they do get a few customers each year willing to pay for private registration instead of figuring out how to turn it off.

Now wait… eventually it’ll percolate to GoDaddy and you won’t have to pay for Private Registration when you renew.

If you have a bunch of domains and want to do a “poor man’s” private registration, open up a PO Box and use that as your physical address. Depending on how many domains you may have, a PO Box could be a more economic solution… plus you get use of a PO Box.

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One Response to “How to Turn Off Private Registration for Domains on GoDaddy”

  1. Ben Shull Says:

    This also gives Godaddy an excuse to refuse to transfer your domain to another host. In my case, the Godaddy password does not equal the privacy password and they will not allow me access to move my domain until I submit alot of paperwork. They know it is me, when I call in, as I am allowed to make any other changes (e.g. delete webpages, purchase and install other services). The ONLY part I am locked out of is MOVING my domain.

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