How to Turn Off Notifications in Google Plus

by jim on November 19th, 2012

Do you have a few friends on Google Plus?

How about a few really active friends on Google Plus?

And are you just a tad bit tired of their updates? Or maybe you’re getting messages from friends of friends?

Whatever the reason, you’re being inundated with notifications from Google Plus and you’d really like to reduce the amount of messages you get, but aren’t sure how? Don’t worry, we’ve navigated the menus and figured out how to turn off and disable Notification messages in Google Plus. The reality is that the messaging notification system for Google Plus is broader than Facebook and you can get messages for a variety of reasons by default.

How to Turn Off Notifications from Google Plus

First, log into your account (you probably are already logged in) and go to Google+. At the top right, right under where you see a picture of your face, you’ll also see a small gear icon.

Click that to get to the settings page (or click that link to the left).

From here you should see your notification preferences under the headline of Receive notifications:

From there, you can select what actions will trigger an email from Google Plus.

Mute a Single Post

What if there’s a thread on Google Plus that you were once interested in but are no longer interested in? Or maybe it’s gotten out of hand and you don’t want to get anymore notifications about just the one post? There’s a solution for that.

Go to the post and look for a little downward arrow inside a circle, it’s located at the top right of the post’s box. Click that and you’ll see a drop down menu that has the option to Mute This Post. That’ll shut off notifications for that single post.

I hope this helps clear up your email inbox!

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