disqus-discoveryFor about a month, I used Disqus on another blog, Microblogger, and it’s been a bit of a learning experience for me. I eventually abandoned it, because it was getting in the way of commenting, but here’s a little bit of knowledge in case you’re still running it.

One thing I noticed recently was that there were links to other sites appearing below the comments in a box Disqus labeled “Around the Web.” It reminded me a lot of the Outbrain modules boxes you see on mainstream news sites, but I didn’t want them on Microblogger.

It’s part of Disqus’ “Discovery” platform and they call it a Discovery box. By default, the left column contains links to your site, headlined “ALSO ON YOUR SITE.” The right column contains links to other sites, headlined “RECOMMENDED FOR YOU.” and it’s a potential stream of revenue for bloggers, though it’s not clear how much it could be (I wouldn’t think it’s much).

How do I remove it?

Log into Disqus and click on Settings in the top navigation bar. Then click Discover in the sub-menu.

You have four choices for Discovery:

  • Maximum increased traffic and revenue – This shows two columns, one with ads and one with links to your own posts.
  • Increased traffic and revenue – A shorter version of the above two column style.
  • Increased traffic (my recommendation) – The shorter version with only links to your site.
  • Just comments

When you select your Discovery level, you can see a preview below. It’s not a live preview, it’s just their example.

If you want to try to generate income off the plugin, you can leave it set on one of the advertising choices and check in after a few days. To see how much you’ve earned, click on Analytics and then Revenue. Here’s what it looks like:

Time to retire!

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