LinkedIn has a feature where you can see almost everyone who has looked at your profile. If you pay for their premium service, you find out exactly who has looked at your profile. If you don’t pay, you see a few of the people but the rest are “LinkedIn Member” or a version of “Person In XYZ Industry in XYZ Place.” If you want to surreptitiously do some background research on someone, having your name appear on that list can sink your surreptitiousness. Big time.

So how do you read someone’s LinkedIn profile without them knowing? Google.

Use Google to search for their name along with “” and chances are you’ll see them listed. If you can’t find them on name alone, add in the state they live in or other details to narrow it down. Eventually, you’ll find them. Then, just look at the cached version of the page.

Let’s say you want to find a Michael Jordan, so you search “michael jordan” and get these results.

Just scroll down to the one you want and look for the double arrows pointing right (indicated by the green arrow). Then move up to the top of the cached image and click on Cached, indicated by the red arrow. That’ll load up the page you want to see and you’ll never appear on that person’s viewed list.

If you already know the person’s LinkedIn profile URL, you can search on that and that page will be the first result.

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One Response to “How to Read Someone’s LinkedIn Profile Without Them Knowing”

  1. Jill Says:

    Very helpful! Related question:

    Is it different if I google only the person’s name (from the only computer I use) and then click the person’s linkedin profile that comes up in search?

    In other words, is it necessary to also add “” to assure anonymity? I did exactly that earlier and am now freaked out that this person will be able to tell I viewed her profile. (It is critical she not know.) If it matters, I was definitely not logged in to linkedin at the time.

    I asked an IT expert who says I’m safe because I wasn’t logged in to linkedin when I did it, but I see conflicting information/first person accounts elsewhere online.

    Any information would be appreciated.


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