How To Mess Up A Good Thing: RocketBoom

by jim on July 13th, 2006

Outside of reading blogs, I only listened to one podcast, Shoemoney’s Net Income, and watched one vlog (video blog), RocketBoom. I listen to Shoemoney because he’s made buckets of money online and the stuff he talks about on his show are things I want to learn. I watch RocketBoom because it found cool little tech tidbits and Amanda Congdon is smokin’.

When I found out that Amanda was leaving RocketBoom for greener pastures in Los Angeles I thought that was awesome, good for her, take it to the next level. Then, I discovered her blog which talked about the messy breakup.

If you look on RocketBoom now, her replacement isn’t that smokin’ and I realized the tech tidbits really aren’t that cool (that’s what Digg is for) and watching a vlog to get tech tidbits is really not that efficient (again, Digg). Guess I’ll be watching zero vlogs now (or maybe I’ll watch the four mentioned on her blog…Ninja, Tiki, Ze’s The Show, and The Richard Show).

This happens a lot. Something gets real big and the people who started it start that relentless power struggle and someone gets kicked out (this one was more like one guy being an asshat) and a good thing goes down the freaking tubes. Oh well… all good things

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