When I first started Bargaineering, I would joke that it had three visitors – my girlfriend (now wife), myself from home and myself from work. When you first start a website, you will make up a significant portion of your site’s visits. In order to get actionable analytics, you really need to exclude yourself even if it may hurt the ego just a little bit. 🙂

How do you exclude yourself? It’s relatively easy with Google Analytics. What you need to do is set a filter that excludes your IP address or a range of IP addresses if your changes from time to time. The settings you want to set are:

  • Filter Type: Custom > Exclude
  • Filter Field: Visitor IP Address
  • Filter Pattern: A regular expression for your IP.

What is your IP?

If you aren’t a regular expressions guru, Google provides this tool to help you create the expression for a range of IP addresses.

It’s that easy.

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