How to Delete EMail Addresses from Gmail Auto-Complete

Out of all the people in the world, I email my wife the most (awww… isn’t that sweet?). However, when she quit her job last year and went back to school for her Ph.D, I had an annoying problem every time I drafted an email to her. When I would start typing her name in the To: box, it would always suggest her work email address. And every time, I would have to navigate to one of the other email addresses Gmail had on file for her.

It was only a minor annoyance so I let it go for a few months but it turns out the solution is quite simple. GMail maintains a list of your contacts even if you never add them to your address book and it uses that list to help you auto-complete email addresses. Gmail is currently transitioning between the “new” GMail and the “old” GMail.

New Gmail

Deleting Contacts from GMailIn the new Gmail, getting to Contacts has changed – you can find it by clicking the little red triangle to the right of Gmail at the upper left hand of the screen.

From there, the instructions are the same – you can just click the checkboxes and start deleting contacts. You can search for individual contacts in the search bar to find the person you need to remove.

Old Gmail

To remove an address from the list, do the following:

  • Click on Contacts in the left sidebar, it’s under your labels and above Tasks and the Chat box.
  • Then click on All Contacts to show your list of contacts.
  • Check the boxes that you want to remove, then click Delete contact(s) all the way to the right.

I circled the Contacts link in red and the Delete contacts button in green, here’s what it looks like:
Deleting Contacts from GMail

That’s it, no more auto-completing old email addresses that don’t even work anymore.

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  1. I too am stuck in the Gfail hell loop… I mispelt an address, and now it shows up and theres no way on gods green earth to remove it.

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