If your iPhone or your iPad has been slowing down lately, one of the common suggestions is to clear your Safari browser’s cache. As you visit websites, the browser cache accumulates a wealth of data so that future visits are faster. All that data, which consists of text and images, gets stored on your device and takes up more and more space. While they are meant to be optimized, sometimes it just becomes too much and you have to clear it. Clearing it is easy on a regular browser on your computer, you find the proper settings and clear it there. It’s a little trickier on the iPhone and iPad because your Safari browser doesn’t have settings… it’s actually handled on the phone’s settings.

Find your settings icon and tap it and then navigate to the Safari settings:

Just tap “Clear History” to delete the history of your browser and then tap “Clear Cookies and Data” to delete the cache of the browser.

Hopefully, by clearing that information, your device will run faster!

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