How do I find my IP address?

by jim on April 27th, 2010

Well, your IP address is:

(Don’t worry, I’m not spying on you, it’s information passed from your browser to my site’s server)

You can bookmark this page next time you want to find your IP or you can use some tools available on your computer to find out.


On any Windows machine, click the Start Menu and choose Run. Type “cmd” into the prompt, that will open up the command prompt. Type “ipconfig” and it’ll show you your computer’s internet details including IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway. The IP address is what you’ll want. If you want more details, like your Physical Address, DNS Servers, etc, you can type “ipconfig /all” to show all the information available.


Use the Finder to locate the application folders, then locate the Utilities folder. Inside Utilities you’ll see the Terminal application, load that. In that prompt, type “ipconfig” and it’ll display a whole bunch of information, including the X.X.X.X number that is your IP address.

There you go, your IP address in a jiffy.

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6 Responses to “How do I find my IP address?”

  1. Bryn Youngblut Says:

    Or simply =)

  2. jim Says:

    True… I could say something about “what if you’re not on the internet?” but… 🙂

  3. J$ Says:

    haha….this might have been the funniest article yet, sir – well done 🙂

  4. jim Says:

    Some people just need to know!

  5. Ethan Says:

    For a mac, you actually want to type “ifconfig”, short for interface configuration. Alternatively, you could open the “Network Utlility” application rather than the Terminal. ipconfig is another command but doesn’t present your ip address.

  6. Ethan Says:

    For a mac, you actually want to use the ifconfig command – interface configuration. Or alternately, you could use the Network Utility Application.

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