Find Fastest DNS Servers with Namebench

by jim on January 2nd, 2010

Namebench is a side project (20% project) of Belgium-based Google engineer Thomas Stromberg. It’s a little app that can help you find the fastest DNS server available to you and it’s absolutely free to use. It’s a 5MB app that you can download from here and it takes only a few minutes (five according to Stromberg).

I ran it and the results said that using the Verizon NSRest US DNS server was 60% faster than my current primary DNS server. In terms of time savings, it’s really just a few milliseconds but every little bit counts right?

My current DNS server had an average response time of 38.29 ms while Verizon NSRest US responded in 23.87 ms. Now I need to find something to do with all this free time I’ve uncovered. 🙂

How to Change DNS Server Settings

To change your DNS server settings, you will need to go to the control panel. In Windows, go to Control Panel and then Network Connections. Click your connection, go to properties, and then view the properties of your TCP/IP internet protocol.

Under the general tab, the second set of boxes will be for your DNS server address. In most cases, it’s set to “Obtain DNS server address automatically.” Now enter in the values that Namebench indicated as faster.

It really does take only a few minutes and you might as well do it, time saved is time earned!

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