“Fat Tax”?

by jim on June 13th, 2006

Give me a break. Where have all the adults gone? A fat tax because people are drinking too much soda and getting fat? I want a doctor’s tax for that time they said margarine was better for you than butter and then changed their minds and then changed back and then changed back again.

People should be accountable for their own actions, they should answer for their decisions, and they should show some backbone when they’re challenged. That’s all part of being an adult and being responsible. If you drink soda and you get fat, the onus isn’t on the manufacturer – it’s on you.

Let’s be honest, without the warning on cigarettes that they may cause cancel, would you believe that cigarettes are entirely safe? Would you really believe that inhaling smoke (it’s freaking SMOKE!) would be entirely harmless to the human body? Consuming large amounts of sugar is bad for you, you should know this, if you’re a child then it’s perfectly alright if you haven’t learned this, but as an adult you should. In fact, as an adult you should educate your children that massive amounts of anything is likely bad for you.

This is like when that guy was suing MacDonalds for getting fat. Sorry buddy, MacDonalds didn’t forcefeed you their food, you made that choice yourself.

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