Disney World Mini-Vacation

by jim on June 7th, 2006

Until this past weekend, when Martha and I went to Walt Disney World from Sunday until Tuesday, I hadn’t taken a “vacation” since a cruise last October. That’s a solid seven months without a “real” vacation and I sorely needed one. What’s funny is that we wouldn’t even have gone to Disney if our friends, who had access to a nice Sheraton timeshare for a week, hadn’t invited us because we just went to WDW two years ago. Alas, when the flight from Baltimore to Orlando costs only $150 and you don’t even have to pay for a hotel, it’s too good a deal to pass up. Ticket prices are pretty high ($50ish) but considering you’re spending the entire day there and what you get out of it all, it’s not bad.

We flew into Orlando at around 9am on Sunday (the timeshare was a Sunday to Sunday, why we started our vacation on a Sunday) and immediately hit the parks. The first day was spent at Epcot with the World Showcase, where we enjoyed a frosty $7 beer in Germany, and the various rides of Epcot. We rode that little gondala thing in Mexico, saw some acrobatics show in China, and found a Turkey Leg to chomp on in America. Most people don’t like Epcot because if they’re an adrenaline fiend then Epcot really doesn’t have much for you. If you’re the type that appreciates something like the detailing on a model train set, Epcot is perfect. A ride that was pretty cool was Soarin’, which is essentially a hang glider show. You pretend to be on a hang glider and they swing you all around the world. It’s pretty neat.

We left Epcot at around 5pm to check into the timeshare, get a shower, grab a bite at Fuddruckers, and then returned to the Magic Kingdom. Epcot closes at 7 but the Magic Kingdom closes at 11, when their fireworks show and parade runs. That night we rode on a couple of the kid’s rides (Winnie the Pooh and Buzz Lightyear).

Monday was spent entirely in the Magic Kingdom, where you basically need a day to soak it all in. Having gone pretty recently, a lot of the rides were familiar but it’s hard not to have a good time in Disney. We did a lot of walking on Monday… and whoever thought of FastPass deserves a huge raise. I think my favorite of the parks at Disney World has to be the Magic Kingdom, I like walking down Main Street and seeing the sights of the faux cityscape. I like the colorful rides too and sometimes I don’t even mind the screaming kids throwing tantrums because they can’t get some sugary candy. I, of course, had yet another Turkey Leg for lunch. (I had one yet again at MGM on Tuesday).

Tuesday was MGM which meant a couple rides on Aerosmith’s roller coaster, the Lights Motor Action stunt show, and Indiana Jones. Someone said the action show had been there a few years but I honestly don’t remember it. I have some video of the show on my camera which I’ll be downloading soon (pictures too). We ate at the Sci-Fi Cafe for dinner which is a 60’s (could’ve been 70’s, what do I know) style drive in theater where I enjoyed a rueben, something I had been craving for since we went to a diner after our friend’s wedding last weekend. Mmmmmm every last one of those thousand islands tasted great.

And to top it all off, our flight back from Orlando had a whole whopping 20 people on the flight. Not a bad vacation…

WDW Pictures

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