Check Site Visibility with Google Browser Size

by jim on December 18th, 2009

Techcrunch recently wrote about a new tool in Google Labs – Browser Size. It’s a very simple tool that overlays colors over your website to indicate what percentage of visitors are seeing on your page, without scrolling. The data on browser capabilities is taken from their stats from and it’s a great way to get a much stronger idea of what visitors are seeing.

Their default example is a page with a donate button, which isn’t seen by 30% of visitors unless they scroll down the page. It’s a great way to take a quick look at your site and see if there are things off the screen that you might want to pull into the 95%+ coverage group. As for the numbers, I like to think of it in the reverse… instead of 99%, I see it as 1% of people see the purple, 2% of people see the green, etc.

What might you want to change? If there are things you want your readers to do, such as subscribe to the RSS feed, make it easy with a call to action (click to subscribe, etc.) and make sure they can see it!

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