Challenge Yourself, There’s No Speed Limit

by jim on December 7th, 2009

I just read a great blog post titled “There’s no speed limit” that I wanted to share with you. It’s a story about how a music teacher taught one of his students one of the most important lessons in life – how there’s no speed limit in learning. There’s no speed limit in life.

Derek Sivers was a high school graduate on his way to Berklee College of Music. Kimo Williams was the owner of a studio who told Sivers, upon learning he was going to Berklee, that he could graduate in two years (from a four year school) with his instruction and approach to learning and life.

The pace was intense, and I loved it. Finally, someone was challenging me – keeping me in over my head – encouraging and expecting me to pull myself up, quickly. I was learning so fast, it had the adrenaline of sports or a video game. A two-way game of catch, he tossed every fact back at me and made me prove I got it.

High expectations, quick pace, and constant challenge pushed Sivers faster and harder than he had ever been pushed before. It was a case of a very eager and industrious student meeting an equally driving and challenging teacher.

He taught me “the standard pace is for chumps” – that the system is designed so anyone can keep up. If you’re more driven than “just anyone” – you can do so much more than anyone expects. And this applies to ALL of life – not just school.

The standard pace is designed so anyone can keep up… push yourself, challenge yourself, and even you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

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