Mark Suster, a 2x entrepreneur, wrote a fantastic post on Techcrunch about the “yo-yo life of a tech entrepreneur.” The reason I think it’s fantastic, and the reason why I enjoyed it so much, is because it gives you a behind the scenes look of what it’s like to live the entrepreneur’s life. Compare the italics introduction, where TC gives a four sentence biography of Suster, with the rest of the article.

The italics part is the glitzy and glamorous part. Suster started and sold two companies and is now a VC. That’s pretty awesome no matter who you are and intuitively we know that he has to be a smart and hard working person. However, just like how we don’t see Kobe Bryant practice thousands (if not tens of thousands) of shots each day, we don’t see how hard it is to do all that. In fact, if more people knew, I bet they wouldn’t be so quick to swap lives or be envious. 🙂

If you have a few minutes, I highly recommend reading it.

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2 Responses to “Behind Every Success Story is a TON of Hard Work”

  1. Fred @ One Project Closer Says:

    Isn’t this the truth! Behind all of the glitzy success stories we hear is almost always a mountain of really hard work…

  2. Jeremy Says:

    The harder you work, the luckier you get.

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